Gold maintains a special positions in the market in relation to tax regimes. Like many tax topics, this is a complicated subject, and is especially complicated because different types of precious metal products are treated differently.

VAT is the tax you pay on something you buy, which usually adds 20% to the price, although there is also a 5% and 0% VAT rate.

All numismatic gold and bullion coins sold by Aurum Bullion Plc including The Sovereign & Britannia ranges are VAT free for non VAT registered private individuals.

​Before 1st January 2000, gold sales in the UK were subject to VAT. This changed because of the disparity between rules in the European Union. For example, some countries in the EU didn’t charge VAT on gold at all or charged it at a very low rate, which meant that the UK was at a disadvantage compared with other EU member states. The introduction of the exemption meant that for VAT purposes, gold would be treated the same as other investments, such as stocks and shares.

​For orders dispatched to countries outside of the EU, VAT will not be charged. These packages may however be assessed for import or customs fees, depending on the laws of the particular countries.

All invoices regarding products, services, storage or delivery from Aurum Bullion Plc will be subject to VAT where appropriate, and VAT charges will be clearly shown where applicable.

Capital Gains Tax

The second key factor in the decision of whether to buy gold bars or coins is the tax status. All investment gold is VAT-free in the UK, so you can rest assured that any gold purchase will be VAT-free at the time of sale, making your money go further.

When selling however, Capital Gains Tax is an important consideration. UK coins – those produced by The Royal Mint – will have a face value and be classed officially as legal tender in the UK. This means they enjoy the unique benefit of being exempt from CGT. Buying multiple gold coins may prove slightly more expensive per gram than a larger bar, but could result in greater returns upon sale given the lack of CGT to pay. Buying CGT-free gold coins is therefore the more popular choice for many investors.

Tax Disclaimer

Please be advised that Aurum Bullion Plc are not tax advisers and any information provided on our website in connection with the tax status of products is provided for general information purposes only, and should not be relied upon; in particular, the underlying tax legislation is always subject to change. You should obtain any specific advice from your tax adviser.

NB: Aurum Bullion Plc is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and is not authorised to provide investment advice. The information published on this site is to provide background information only. Should you make an investment you do so at your own risk.

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