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shaping British lives since 1489.
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Consider diversifying a portion of your invested portfolio to numismatic gold coins curated by Aurum Bullion Plc. The best definition of numismatic gold coins are gold coins that hold historical and cultural significance and are sought after by collectors due to their rarity, condition, or unique features. Numismatic gold coins are not solely valued for their gold content but also for their collectability and aesthetic appeal. They offer limited mintages, making them scarce and highly sought after by numismatic enthusiasts and investors. These coins can span different time periods and civilizations, carrying a tangible link to the past and serving historical, artistic, or cultural artefacts.



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Our experienced team boasts extensive knowledge of the global numismatic industry, allowing us to provide you with unparalleled expertise and access to top mints, traders, and resellers worldwide. With our commitment to quality and authenticity, our skilled buyers continuously source remarkable additions for our clients’ collections. We meticulously curate the most collectable individual coins and sets, featuring numismatic interest and historical significance that make them highly sought-after now and in the future. Stay informed about the latest releases and timeless classics with long-term value through our dedicated team. Our passion for numismatics drives us to deliver exceptional customer service, ensuring your collecting journey is rewarding and enjoyable.





Q1 2023
Investors bought 302t of gold bars and coins in Q1, 14% above the five-year average and equal to US$18.4bn in value. Strong gold prices – which reached record levels in some markets – encouraged some momentum buying. Demand was further fuelled by persistent high inflation, geopolitical risks and concern over contagion in the banking crisis.
34% Jump
Q1 bar and coin investment soared in China. Demand totalled 66t, a 34% jump y/y and a 7% rise q/q, mainly driven by China’s emergence from the COVID pandemic and the eye-catching gold price performance.
USA sees 40% Jump
US bar and coin demand jumped 40% q/q – a 4% y/y increase – to 32t, the fourth strongest quarter in our data series and the highest since 2010. This was almost double the five-year average of 17t. The US Mint reported rocketing coin sales, which reached 288,000 ounces in March – the biggest monthly total since October 1998, when the Y2K safe-haven rush for gold was in full swing. 
Gold portfolio, better diversifier than bitcoin
Gold is less likely to be influenced by tighter financial conditions, meaning it is "a useful portfolio diversifier," said Goldman, especially given that gold has developed non-speculative use cases while bitcoin is still looking for one. Goldman's analysis showed that while traders use gold to hedge against inflation and dollar debasement, bitcoin resembles a "risk-on high-growth tech company stock."
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