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Isn’t it time to address the underperforming areas in your investment portfolio?

Are you losing sleep over market volatility and the impact it has on your investments?

Do you find yourself anxious or stressed regarding the performance of your finances?

Are you concerned about the lack of growth or returns in your current investments?

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Britannia Collection

Aurum Bullion Plc makes acquiring numismatic-proof gold coins easy by addressing underperforming areas in our clients’ investment portfolios. We understand your concerns about the lack of growth or returns in your investments, driving you to explore alternative options like numismatic gold coins. Our seamless process enables you to diversify your portfolio effectively.

Gold’s timeless appeal transcends age, culture, politics, and time itself. Few metals have captured the imagination of people like gold, it is not just a metal, but a currency, an object of obsession, a sign of royalty and wealth, and the star of innumerable legends and fables worldwide. 

We cater to the growing demand for collectible gold coins. Every coin we offer tells a story to inspire collectors, young and old, to nurture a love of collecting gold coinage, from a rare gold Sovereign to a Laughing Buddha coin. Accredited and certified, our gold coins are securely housed in tamper-proof casing.

Adding numismatic gold coins to your portfolio can mitigate market volatility and safeguard your financial future. We provide guidance and support to overcome investment procrastination and financial anxieties.

With tangible assets, Aurum Bullion Plc strives to address anxieties over holding gold coinage. Join us in embracing the allure of gold for enhanced portfolio performance and peace of mind.

Together, we can build sustainable mining communities

Through our partnerships (as far afield as South Africa and Australia), some of whom are the world authority on precious metals, we endeavour to support the building of sustainable artisanal mining infrastructure and their communities in developing countries. This means every purchase translates into meaningful benefits as we empower our clients to be part of our effort to uplift the lives of disadvantaged people. This artisanal mining accounts for about 12% of the global mine supply and provides income to significant numbers of people, especially in less developed or emerging economies.

Secure Your Wealth With Graded Gold Proof Coins.

Unlike Fiat currencies, gold cannot be devalued, allocated and segregated. Gold cannot be confiscated due to the irresponsible actions of a counterparty. In itself, gold is a borderless, free currency that acts as the ultimate reserve in a diversified portfolio. Gold has always been viewed as a way to store wealth, and in recent years, gold’s role as an investment asset has become increasingly significant, and it has been a cornerstone asset for any multi-asset portfolio.

Perfect Composition and Design.

Our supply chain is made up of world-class refineries, leading coinage brokers, and national coin export mints. This allows us to eliminate long production lead times, which are atypical within the industry. Some of the refineries and mints we partner with have been making original coins, coin collections, and gifts to celebrate special moments since the 1700s.

We also partner with reliable third-party service providers to deliver state-of-the-art mint condition products on schedule. Our clients around the world receive a high level of personal consultative service making all transactions to be conducted in the strictest of confidence.

Special Offer

10% Discount When Opening a New Account.

This offer is a great way to start your journey with us while enjoying great tax benefits. Enjoy up to an extra 5% above your Capital Gains Tax (CGT) allowance as well as your Inheritance Tax (IHT).
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