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For centuries, avid investors and collectors alike have recognized the importance of gold coinage as part of a balanced investment portfolio, addressing your concerns about visibility and control over your finances. Gold not only provides wealth diversification but also serves as a renowned safe haven for investors, offering the ultimate insurance and protection against turbulent economic times. It goes beyond being a mere pastime; collecting coins allows individuals to own a valuable part of history, aligning with your desire for investments that align with your financial goals and risk tolerance.

Originally known as the ‘hobby of kings,’ coins have transcended closed groups exclusive to the aristocracy and are now embraced by a wider audience. This shift reflects the recognition that investment-grade gold coins offer one of the most tax-efficient opportunities available in the market. They serve as a solid foundation for investing and growing your assets, outperforming inflation and providing a reliable store of value. Among the most renowned options cherished by enthusiasts, investors, and gold collectors are Britannia Gold Coins, Queens Beasts, and Sovereigns. At Aurum Bullion Plc, we understand the importance of your satisfaction in finding investments that align with your financial goals.

Our selection of numismatic gold coins encompasses these objectives, ensuring you have full visibility and control over your investment journey. By diversifying your portfolio with these tax-efficient opportunities, you can achieve both financial stability and growth. Explore our collection and embark on a rewarding path where the allure of history merges with the potential for financial prosperity.

Coin Grading & Certification:

Since 1986, PCGS has been the industry standard for the authentication and grading of rare coins. Coin grading and authentication emerged as a solution to rampant counterfeiting and coin doctoring in the collectable coin industry. With our team of renowned experts in vintage and modern U.S. and World coins, PCGS has built the most trusted brand in coin grading and authentication. Backed by the PCGS guarantee and tracked through the PCGS cert verification database PCGS coins are the most secure, most liquid and highest valued coins in the market. PCGS pioneered the tamper-evident, sonically sealed, high-security method of coin encapsulation to allow for safe storage and peace of mind. Since then, the addition of the PCGS TrueView photo service has created the perfect way to display coins both in your home and digitally. Whether you are a seasoned collector or you just inherited a family collection, having your coins authenticated and graded by PCGS ensures maximum security, value and liquidity.

With an unparalleled commitment to accuracy, consistency and integrity, Numismatic Guaranty Company (NGC®) is the world's largest and most trusted third-party grading service for coins, tokens and medals. Since 1987, NGC has graded more than 52 million coins, each one backed by the industry-leading NGC Guarantee. NGC invested more than $1 million in research and development to create the most advanced protective holder for coins, tokens and medals. Designed for long-term preservation, the NGC holder is used by the Smithsonian Institution and other museums around the world to protect their most treasured rarities. To ensure impartiality, NGC and its full-time graders do not buy and sell coins commercially, and strict procedures are in place to prevent consultants from influencing the grades assigned to their own submissions. The combined expertise of the NGC grading team results in unparalleled accuracy and consistency.

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